A Winning Side Project

Designing a new bag for an online community.

Ravelry.com is a diversely popular social media site for knitters and crocheters that boasts over 6.9 million users. When they announced a contest to design a “project bag” to celebrate their 5th anniversary, I was instantly thrilled at the chance to combine my two passions  designing and knitting.

With over 250 entries and 117,056 votes cast, my design was chosen as the winner.

Available in three limited runs, this bag could barely be kept on the shelves. The first batch of 1,700 sold out in just over two hours. The second round sold out almost as quickly, and the third batch of 2,400 sold out in under three days.

As a member of the target audience myself, I was able to tap into key insights and develop a successful final product.