A Spotlight On Community Theater

Bringing new life to old stories.

Between 2008-2012, the Iowa City Community Theatre (ICCT), the premier community theatre group in Iowa City, commissioned me to create posters, programs, and other promotional material for their productions.

My goal for each show was to create an eye-catching showpiece unique to each show’s personality, while creating and maintaining a consistent identity for ICCT.

When I began, they had a logo but no other identity had been established. I set up basic brand guidelines and selected Univers as their primary typeface — I was looking for a font that could cleanly display important information, and compliment but not compete with the varying type styles of each show poster.

Two of my favorite posters to create were “Don’t Drink the Water” (DDTW) and “The Nerd.” I enjoyed DDTW, because of its simplicity, bright colors, and unique typographic treatment. The Nerd was a fun experience because I stepped away from the computer, hand-drawing the illustration, and chose a retro ’70s-inspired color palette that I don’t typically get to work with.