Banner boost.

Allstate marketing email banner ads

Our client felt that their banner ads had grown stagnant, dated, and no longer cohesive. Our challenge was to create a new look that would generate more engagement and click-throughs.

For my concept, I made a conscious decision to push beyond the comfortable and expected formula — Allstate blue + an icon or outlined photograph — and created a fresh, engaging approach, pairing colorful flat illustration with casual and witty copy.

Original banners

Original banners


The concept a total hit with the client (it had them chuckling throughout the initial presentation!), and internally, the team had a fantastic time collaborating and laughing over the many clever copy options our talented writers came up with, as we narrowed them down for design.


Through the duration of the project, we presented 409 original concepts, and 80 final banners were published.

Due to the nature of this design style, these banners were over 3x faster to create, which allowed us to give our client more options, in less time.

Not only was this project a huge success, the illustration style I introduced became new standard in digital, technology, and innovative communications for Allstate and its partners.